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Build a Special Needs Village

Make a monthly pledge or a one-time donation to help us provide a place for special needs adults to gather with their friends, to play and to be loved and accepted.

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Building a Village for Special Needs Adults

Young adults with special needs age-out of public education by the time they turn 21. Once that happens, parents and guardians often have two basic choices. Some might have to quit work to stay home full time with their special needs child. Others might choose to place their child in a facility that essentially functions as a daycare for special needs adults.

Most of the dayhab facilities available for special needs adults are operated by government entities such as county health departments. These facilities do provide a safe place for special needs adults during the day while parents and guardians work. However, they usually have a sterile and institutional feel about them.

In contrast, Heather's Old Skool Village offers a very at-home feel, decorated in a vintage-country style, with a caring and attentive staff. Students are encouraged to make friends and participate in developmentally appropriate activities. There are even opportunities to develop job skills in settings outside of the Skool.

Through ongoing pledges, campaigns, and events, our supporters help provide funding for everyday expenses like utilities, staffing, supplies, and transportation as well as capital expenses such as facility maintenance and expansion. The ultimate goal of Heather's Old Skool Village is to build a true village where special needs adults can live, work, and play to the fullest of their abilities.

Thank you for "making our dreams come true!"